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“A great, creative lawyer.”

Lee has been an indispensable collaborator in the establishment of our business contracts and trade-marked brand in the animation/motion market. She helped us give form to an abstract idea, was extremely patient and was exceptional in her ability to explain a complex landscape in terms we could understand. At the abstract stages of our company’s development, she helped us focus and prioritize for trademark registration. No question was too small or silly. As we formalized our brand and found our focus, she was efficient and direct, helping us draft necessary contracts. I think what makes Lee stand out for us is that she herself is a creative individual and really understands the creative world-view as well as the legal and professional pitfalls of the entertainment industry.

-Owner, animation production company.

“She is extremely knowledgeable.”

I hired Lee to negotiate a vendor contract for a large client. It was great having her on my side as representation when facing a team of Fortune 500 lawyers as a small business owner. Her expertise turned the client biased contract I was initially given, to a contract that protected my business interests as well. Her ability to break down the contract language in a way I was able to easily digest was extremely helpful. It allowed me to understand where the gaps in the contract were, how they affected the potential business relationship and ultimately how they were corrected.

-Owner, animation studio.

“Lee is one of the hardest working, friendliest and most accommodating people I’ve ever worked with.”

She truly cares about her clients and their well-being. I’ve met and worked with Lee on multiple occasions. Lee attended some of my performances, which not only meant a lot to me, but told me that she was the exact kind of person I wanted to work with. I quickly found myself meeting with many top music and music business related professionals in Atlanta. Lee didn’t just connect us via email; she came with me to the meetings, adding much to the conversation, helping myself and whoever it was that I was meeting with to quickly find some of the things we both had in common. When an emergency situation arose, Lee didn’t schedule an appointment way in the future; instead, she called me that day and, even though it was a busy day for her, she made the time for me and helped me through it. I can’t say enough positive things about Lee! If you’re looking for a lawyer who gives great advice, does fantastic work, and is someone with whom you’d enjoy spending time, Lee is definitely for you!

-Songwriter, musician, and performer.

“She is a great media and entertainment attorney.”

“Lee reviewed my employment contract with a large news organization. She even sat down with me and went through the contract page by page and had me take notes on certain language and areas where I might be able to negotiate a better deal for myself. In the end I was able to negotiate a higher amount of money for moving costs because Lee encouraged me to do so. I would highly recommend her to anybody in the film or news industry.”

-Media professional, large news organization.

“Lee is a friendly and focused person who is passionate about the arts herself.”

“Lee is great! We had some trouble with document uploads that may have cost us some time in the beginning but she kept me on track and got the work done quickly. She also responded with urgency and worked with me to prevent further conflicts. I wanted to work with someone experienced in working with artists and I got just that. I am very grateful to her for her services and I would highly recommend her to other artists.”

-Visual artist.

“She not only solved the problem, the way she handled our legal matter helped our brand gain stronger footing.”

“Lee Morin was super knowledgeable about an issue involving intellectual property, and we are super glad and lucky that we hired her for the job. She not only solved the problem, the way she handled our legal matter helped our brand gain stronger footing. Super glad we hired her for our legal matter.”

-Owner, fashion retail business.

“Sharp as a tack–nice as they make `em.”

“Ms. Morin was recommended to me by another attorney as someone I should speak with regarding intellectual property for a website that I am working on. She is very pleasant to deal with and has a gift for explaining the legal jibber jabber into plain English–or vice versa–taking my English jibber jabber and transforming it into the exact Legalese needed. I am also quite impressed with her knowledge of the kind of legal protections needed and the potential scenarios being faced by creatives in both the cyber and real worlds. She mentions free options as well as the ones that cost, and I appreciate that. She is also equally adept looking at situations/ documents/ possibilities with both micro and macro-vision. I plan to work with her again.”

-Director, nonprofit theatrical organization.

“Lee offered excellent professional recommendations that were spot on with what we were trying to accomplish.”

“Lee was recommended to our 501c3 by the Georgia Lawyers for the Arts and worked with us to file trademarks, help with corporate compliance, and communicate on governance matters. She was always timely in her work with very well-defined criteria and thoughtful legal assessments. She was a very effective attorney for us and I hope that we can obtain her services again in the future. Thank you for an excellent job!”

-Chairman of the Board, re:imagine/ATL.

“Lee is just all around a great human being.”

“I started a nonprofit working with youth to produce music and film productions. There was so little I understood when I first began. Lee took time to answer the questions I had, and did extra research to make sure she was covering everything I needed to succeed. She is currently filing for our trademarks, and has done a thorough and consistent job.”

-Executive Director, re:imagine/ATL.

“Lee was not only prompt, professional, and thorough, but I appreciated both her kindness and artistic sensibilities as well.”

“During my first foray as an author working with a major publisher, Lee Morin helped me to review both my agency and publishing contracts. Lee was not only prompt, professional and thorough, but I appreciated both her kindness and artistic sensibilities as well. I would highly recommend Lee to other authors seeking legal guidance.”

-Published author at large publishing house.

“Lee Morin has shown extraordinary attention to detail, an excellent sense of ethics, and an energetic optimism.”

“I engaged Lee to work with me in a project which involves intellectual property, corporate law, securities, and bankruptcy. When faced with obscure legal areas, she has shown great talent in acquiring the knowledge required. Lee has done great work as a negotiator, by drawing out the reservations and expectations of the other party, and coming to present an agreement agreeable to all sides. She does an excellent job and is a pleasure to work with. I recommend her highly!”

-Owner, Internet startup company.

“I cannot express enough in words how Lee’s nature, professionalism, and wit have helped me at the very start of my entrepreneurial journey.”

“As a professor of business for the arts and budding entrepreneur, I was aware of the vital role an entertainment lawyer would play in my life’s aspirations. I was therefore hell bent on finding one who would be not only smart, but also dedicated, considerate, and patient. In dealing with lawyers in the past this was a rare combination. Upon the recommendation of a fellow colleague, I contacted Lee Morin in hopes she would be the right individual I was looking for. Indeed, she is! My project is not a small one, yet Lee has embraced my crazy multitude of tasks with the exuberance I could only hope for. I look forward to the continued great relationship.”

-Playwright and owner, theatre company.

“She was timely, discreet, professional, and demonstrated an extraordinary comprehension of all aspects of contract law.”

“Having produced feature films and worked with some of the world’s preeminent music acts, I must sadly state that the entertainment business is dominated by people of questionable moral character. Handshakes and verbal agreements mean nothing. It is also my experience that the majority of attorneys who ply their trade in this world mirror the values of their clients. Having been let down by many of them in the past, I was a bit hesitant when a colleague referred me to Lee when I was seeking legal counsel to review a distribution contract for a feature I produced. Nonetheless, I retained Lee’s services for this project, and her performance exceeded expectation on every level. Her attention to detail helped turn the contract into an instrument that actually worked for – as opposed to against – us. For the first time in my career, I feel comfortable in recommending an entertainment attorney to my colleagues. In fact, I have already referred to Lee some of my agency and filmmaker clients.”

-President, film production company.

“It gives us such relief to have a very bright and thorough intellectual property attorney by our side.”

“We have so much to be thankful for as a new brand in America with distribution in nine countries and a huge social following. We never thought we would find such great representation so promptly after relocating to Atlanta and for that we are beyond thankful. You just don’t know how much relief this gives me as the designer. Onward!”

-CEO and fashion designer.

“We highly recommend her to any person in the entertainment world!”

“We began working with Lee Morin in May 2014 based off of us meeting at a NARIP event. We had been doing our own contract agreements with music supervisors for a while. However, the contracts were getting bigger and more detailed, which required an attorney that practiced in entertainment law. Lee was that go to person for us! From day one, she was open and honest with us. She told us exactly what she needed and what was required on our end. She did not hesitate to do the research to be sure that we had everything we needed and that our contracts were perfectly clear for us. She walked us through our first business adventure and continues to work with us through our second big business goal!”

-Owners, music production company.