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SPRINGing into Game Development!

Spring brought great events and opportunities to bridge music, art, and gaming industries.

February was bursting with amazing networking and industry events for the art and music communities. Local members of The Recording Academy – Atlanta Chapter, congregated in Midtown and enjoyed a mixed tape swap of favorite love songs, or break up songs, in honor of Valentine’s Day. Two days later, the BMI Songwriter Showcase featured performances from Collective Soul’s Ed Roland, Follow For Now’s David Ryan Harris, and Angie Aparo at local favorite, Terminal West at King Plow Arts Center. Also at King Plow, Georgia Lawyers for the Arts (GLA) hosted two free seminars concerning Copyrights and Contracts for Authors, and Contract Basics for Artists. Finally, the National Association of Record Industry Professionals (NARIP) held their Music Biz Mixer at Smith’s Olde Bar and hosted VH-1’s Paul Logan for their Music Supervisor Sessions at the SAE Institute of Technology downtown on Peachtree Street. If you want to be hooked into these events, then I strongly suggest that you become a member of GLA and NARIP. Becoming a member allows you to take advantage of their vast networks and benefit from their educational offerings.

I also took two Continued Legal Education (CLE) courses at the State Bar of Georgia. One was Tax Considerations for Athletes and Entertainers, in which financial planning, wealth management, and tax returns were discussed in detail. The other was entitled Literature and the Law, by Scrivener’s Quill, a non-profit center for lawyers that emphasizes quality reading, writing, and exploration of literature, including that found in plays, film, poetry, essays, fiction, and non-fiction. The Literature and the Law CLE used characters from classic literature to illustrate important legal concepts, such as Ethics, Professionalism, Civility, Zealous Representation, and Deductive Reasoning. Deductive Reasoning was my favorite portion because it applied the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who made character Sherlock Holmes famous. I enjoyed stories of Sherlock Holmes, and watched the programs with actor Jeremy Brett, and now with the inimitable Benedict Cumberbatch.

After being in the audience for many helpful presentations at GLA and NARIP, I am proud to announce that I will present for both organizations on the topic of game development. On April 9, 2014, starting at 6:00p.m.EST at the GLA HQ in King Plow, I will present “Arts Applications in Computer and Video Games” to artists, writers, and illustrators. On June 18, 2014, starting at 7:00p.m.EST at the SAE Institute of Technology, I will moderate a NARIP panel with guests to be announced, “Music In Games,” to songwriters, composers, and sound designers. Each presentation will be directed to its respective membership bodies. Topics covered in both seminars are generally what is copyrightable material, what is copyrightable content in a game, the employment agreement, IP rights negotiation, and due diligence to assist content developers to collaborate with game designers.

Now you have another reason to join GLA and NARIP in time for these seminars! Become a member of GLA, and become a member of NARIP. Thank you for your interest and on behalf of GLA and NARIP, thanks for your support!

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