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Production Legal Starter Kit™

We are pleased to offer independent productions filming in Georgia with legal essentials and a host of great add-ons for their production legal needs.

Ideal for limited budgets, our Production Legal Starter Kit™ lets you customize your production’s legal needs so you only pay for what you need.

Production Legal Starter Kit™


The Production Legal Starter Kit™ starts with the Basic Package for one, low flat fee. The Basic Package includes the Contracts Bundle, a template of basic production legal contracts that are yours to keep, plus one of our most valuable services, the corporate All Access Plan®, which provides you with unlimited, privileged communications, access to our professional network, and 12 Pre-Paid Billable Hours for a period of one year.


Here is what you get in the Basic Package:

    1. Production Company formation + operating agreement;
    2. Copyright/WGA registration of the script (if not already); and,
    3. Contracts Bundle (e.g. cast + crew contracts; location clearances; releases).


Our flat fee for preparing the Basic Package is $5,000.

This fee includes the following:

    a. All Access Plan®, basic (valued at $2,400);
    b. Pre-Paid Billable Hours, 12-hour bundle (valued at $2,400); and,
    c. Expenses (valued at $200).

Here is how the fees break down.

    1. All Access Plan® ($2,400) Unlimited, privileged communications and access to our professional network, including key personnel necessary to staff your production, for a period of one year (or upon completion of post production).
    2. Pre-Paid Billable Hours, 12-hour bundle ($2,400) Legal services for: a) production company formation + operating agreement; b) copyright registration; c) customizing templates from the Contracts Bundle.
    3. Expenses ($200)
    a) Contracts Bundle (cast and crew agreements, including above the line and below the line agreements for writer, actor, director, producer, casting director, and crew, location agreements, licenses, and releases): $100*
    b) Library research fee: $100
    *If you are a signatory production, there is a $100 upcharge per union or guild.



To distribute your production, you will need errors & omissions (E&O) insurance. We can connect you with a selection of experienced E&O carriers and clearance servers from Los Angeles to Atlanta, but you will need to obtain legal opinions. Our Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance add-on offers you the additional service of clearance reports and opinions that are required by these carriers to meet your production’s distribution requirements.


Here is what you get in the E&O add-on:

    1. A selection of E&O carriers;
    2. E&O insurance policy quotes;
    3. General liability insurance policy quotes;
    4. Script Clearance Report + Opinion;
    5. Title Clearance Report + Opinion; and,
    6. Website DMCA Policy + Agent.


Our flat fee for the E&O add-on is $2,400 plus expenses.

This fee includes the following:

    a. Pre-Paid Billable Hours, 12-hour bundle (valued at $2,400)
    b. Expenses (varies)

Here is how the fees break down.

    1. Pre-Paid Billable Hours, 12-hour bundle ($2,400) Legal services for: a) script clearance report review + opinion; b) title clearance report review + opinion; c) website DMCA policy + registered agent.
    2. Expenses (varies)
    a) Title Report (starts at $400)
    b) Script Clearance ($1,500-$2,200); and,
    c) Copyright Office agent designation fee: $6
    Total Expenses: $1,906-$2,306


We offer the Music Supervision add-on through our agency, Counterintuitive Consulting. Services include title selection, composer selection and deal negotiation, clearance and licensing, completing and submitting cue sheets, and securing digital distribution of a soundtrack. Lee will receive credit as Music Supervisor and you in turn may apply her fee for this service to your minimum spend of $500,000 for qualifying Georgia productions.


Here is what you get in the Music Supervision add-on:

    1. Selection of titles/ pre-existing works;
    2. Selection of composer;
    3. Clearance of pre-existing titles (up to 3 titles)
    4. Composer deal;
    5. Licenses (for pre-existing titles)
    6. Cue sheets preparation + submission
    7. Digital distribution of a soundtrack


Our flat fee for the Music Supervision add-on is $4,800 plus expenses.

This fee includes the following:

    a. Pre-Paid Billable Hours, 24-hour bundle (valued at $4,800)
    b. Expenses (varies)

Here is how the fees break down.

    1. Pre-Paid Billable Hours, 24-hour bundle ($4,800) Legal services for: a) titles selection; b) composer selection; c) clearance of pre-existing titles; d) negotiation and documentation of a composer deal; e) negotiation and documentation of music licenses; f) preparation of cue sheets + submission to PROs; and, g) digital distribution deal negotiation for soundtrack release + documentation.
    2. Expenses (varies)
    a) License Fees for pre-existing titles
    b) Digital distribution fees


Principal Lee Morin has experience negotiating and drafting Distribution Agreements on behalf of independent productions seeking worldwide distribution. If your production has received an offer then we welcome you to submit it to us for review. We are unable to include a fair estimate of this service in the flat fees quoted above simply because in order to give you an accurate estimate we must appreciate the offer first. Any time we spend on review of a distribution offer or its negotiation will be billed to you at our hourly rate.

If the above services are not enough to get your production safely underway, then you can add additional Pre-Paid Billable Hours at our lowest hourly rate, which carries a sweet discount from our standard hourly rate. We give you these layers of services because we understand that your budget is limited, and rather than demand a large retainer up front, we distribute essential services to you. You can determine what additional work you require.

If would like information about how the Basic Package, the E&O or Music Supervision add-ons can work for your production, then we suggest that you schedule a consultation with Lee Morin and she will confidentially discuss your production’s legal needs. Once you know which package and add-on, if any, is the best fit for your production, Lee will make you an offer.

All fees are due up front.

If you require financial assistance, then we will discuss with you some creative solutions that depend on your specific set of circumstances. Some solutions may involve applying for a secured loan from a lender, such as a bank or credit union. These institutions often can provide you with lower interest rates than a credit card and enable you to pay over a longer period of time, like 24 or 36 months. We also accept credit cards.

If you are in the process of seeking funding for your production, then we recommend that you review our sister service, Package + Pitch™: FILM, which provides you with the tools you will need to build a funding package that is appropriate for your production. If we work with you on building a funding package, then we can build the cost of your production’s legal needs into your budget so that when funds are released, we hit the ground running.

We thank you for considering MORIN Entertainment Law. It is our endeavor to supply you with the highest quality legal & business services. We welcome you to ask us any questions.

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