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Georgia Music Partners and the House Study Committee on the Music Industry - Top Row L to R - David Claassen (BMI) , Representative Brian Strickland (R- McDonough), Representative Ben Harbin (R- Evans), Shachar Oren (Neurotic Media), Simon Horrocks (Affix Music), Chris Rickwood (Music Composer), Iain Bluett (Ticket Alternative), Ben Allen (Music Producer)

Seated L to R - Michele Caplinger (The Recording Academy Atlanta Chapoter), Lisa Love (Georgia Department of Economic Development), Mala Sharma ( City National Bank), Tammy Hurt (President, Georgia Music Partners / Placement Music), Representative Margaret Kaiser (D-Atlanta), Lee Morin (Attorney), Christina Caterino (American Federation of Musicians) — at High Museum of Art, Atlanta.

Music Business Advocacy in Georgia

Today I bought a ticket to The 56th Grammys, a privilege I received in joining The Recording Academy® as an Associate Member last November. For the week in advance of The Grammy’s there are great networking opportunities in the Los Angeles general area. The evening’s main festivities are the pre-party at the Nokia Theatre, the awards ceremony at the Staples Center, and the after party at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Last week, I was given the distinct honor of speaking to a panel of Georgia legislators, gathered to study the impact of the music industry in Georgia. I spoke about college radio, how it has lately been threatened, and how it has been a major career and community resource for the local music business. My discussion with legislators is part of a larger effort to bring more music business to Georgia. So far, the committee has traveled to hear speakers in Savannah, Augusta, Athens, Macon, and now, Atlanta. Most speakers agreed, in order to have a thriving music business in a city like Atlanta, much less in Georgia, it is essential to focus marketing efforts on selling the southeast culture of Georgia, and its towns.

Georgia Music Partners (GMP) is the advocacy arm of The Recording Academy® Atlanta Chapter. I joined last July when I found out about House Resolution 529. Passed in February, H.R. 529 created a study committee of legislators to travel across Georgia and gather information from stakeholders in the music business. Now that the tour is over, legislators will provide a comprehensive study to the State of Georgia government to evaluate the issues facing Georgia’s music industry, identify opportunities, and explore strategies to retain existing industry and talent and ensure growth, investment, and jobs.

By becoming a member of Georgia Music Partners, you can stay up to date with these important initiatives! BECOME A MEMBER OF GEORGIA MUSIC PARTNERS and join the movement of music business advocacy in Georgia.

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