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Attorney Lee Morin pictured with longtime friend, public speaker, and entrepreneur, Jeff Hoffman, who delivered the keynote for Music Start Up Academy. — at Georgia Tech.

What a Way to End the Year

2013 has truly been a groundbreaking year for MORIN Entertainment Law. I formed the firm in early spring, acquiring a handful of talented clients right away. As summer approached, I became actively involved with Georgia Music Partners, the advocacy arm of The Recording Academy®, Atlanta Chapter. The fall brought networking opportunities, starting behind the scenes at TomorrowWorld, the largest electronic dance music festival in Georgia, which brought over 140,000 attendees from 6 continents over 3 days. The following weekend in October, I was a guest panelist at the Southern Interactive Entertainment and Game Expo (SIEGE), where I discussed the basics of intellectual property law as it applies to game developers, and critical court decisions affecting the gaming industry for 2013. That same weekend, I attended Music Start-Up Academy, where my friend Jeff Hoffman gave the keynote address, and we listened to experts discuss how to start, grow, and excel in the music business. There were also panels with the National Association of Record Industry Professionals (NARIP), and the Society of European Stage Authors and Composers (SESAC), where Bram Bessoff imparted wisdom about how to master the live performance.

In addition to networking opportunities, the fall brought new memberships. I joined Georgia Music Partners (GMP), with whom I eagerly work to stay involved in legislative initiatives that aim to bring more music business to Georgia by tax incentives. During law school, I was a legislative aide in the 2012 regular session; thus, I was familiar not only with the legislative process, but also with the elected. GMP provided forums where we met with Georgia legislators actively engaged in this endeavor. As the Georgia House of Representatives Study Committee on the Music Industry toured the state this fall, I met with them in Athens and in Atlanta. I was impressed with the efforts being made by Georgians in Athens and in Atlanta to grow the music business in our state. I was also given the honor of speaking to legislators about my alma mater’s college radio station, WRAS Atlanta, asking them to protect it. Now that the tour is over, the Study Committee will issue a comprehensive study to evaluate the issues facing Georgia’s music industry, to identify opportunities, and to explore strategies to retain existing industry and talent and to ensure growth, investment, and jobs.

I also joined Georgia Lawyers for the Arts (GLA) and The Recording Academy®. GLA is a non-profit organization that provides legal assistance and educational programming to artists and arts organizations in Georgia. I attended their annual Gala in December, meeting some more seasoned attorney volunteers, who excited me about the possibilities of volunteering with GLA. Finally, by joining The Recording Academy® as an Associate Member, I became a part of a wonderful extended music family, and received my first invitation to the Grammys. I look forward to starting off the year in 2014 by attending The 56th Grammys in Los Angeles.

There were also great marketing milestones for MORIN Entertainment Law in 2013. I developed a new design and logo, printed new business cards, launched a new website, and created a new Facebook business page to join with other social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Never underestimate the power of social media, a clean design, and a reliable webmaster.

As I pause to look to 2014, I grow excited about the possibilities. What a way to end the year in 2013. Here is to a Happy New Year!

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