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International Art Crime and Wartime Looting

Wartime looting is as ancient as our earliest documented civilizations, in Egypt, Greece, and Rome[1]. In these early empires and dynasties, and throughout most of civilized human history, wartime looting followed the mantra “to the victor belong the spoils;” thus, it was not regarded as a crime. Vanquishers prominently displayed collections of cultural property and […]
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Producing Hit Songs, a NARIP Atlanta panel exclusive, with L-R: guest Bradford Rogers, NARIP Atlanta Board Member Sean Mcpherson, Executive Director Chloe Peacock, guest Billy Hume, Attorney Lee Morin, Board Member Julie Kessler Roach, and guest Matt Still. — at SAE Institute Atlanta.

A Panoply of Panels and Presentations

This fall, I was honored to speak on a diverse matter of subjects to distinct audiences from the art, gaming, legal, and music communities. It was a panoply of panels and presentations. The first weekend of October, the Georgia Game Developers Association (GGDA) invited me to speak at their annual conference, the Southern Interactive Entertainment […]
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Arts Applications in Games

Last Wednesday, I presented at Georgia Lawyers for the Arts in the King Plow Arts Center on a topic that discussed arts applications in games. Entitled, “Arts Applications In Computer and Video Games,” my presentation discussed what rises to the level of copyrightable content for artists, writers, and illustrators; what type of content developers seek […]
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Pro Gamers, Streamers, and YouTubers

I was recently invited to speak to professional video and computer gamers (“Pro Gamers”), Youtubers, and Streamers about legal concepts and laws that impact YouTube occupations. According to Wikipedia, Pro Gamers are associated with gaming teams and/or broader gaming associations. In addition to prize money from tournament wins, Pro Gamers may also be paid a […]
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