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All Access Plan®

We are pleased to announce a revolutionary way to deliver essential legal services to you.

All Access Plan® creates bespoke legal services for clients in arts & entertainment. It may be used alone for career coaching or business counseling, or combined with one of our other branded services, Package + Pitch™: FILM, Production Legal Starter Kit™, or Package + Pitch™: MUSIC. At its core, it delivers an unlimited supply of legal advice that clients can use to guide important business decisions. It also brings to bear a professional network that clients may access for introductions, referrals, & recommendations.

The All Access Plan®

The All Access Plan® creates bespoke legal services for clients in arts & entertainment. Bespoke services are tailored services that account for unique characteristics and circumstances of each individual or company. Each of these clients seeks a way to reach their goals and grow into their visions. They need someone who can help problem solve, connect them with key persons, and guide them forward, with the legal backbone to execute on their plans.

When a client purchases an All Access Plan®, they receive a full diagnostic of their current situation. Clients walk away from their initial meeting with Lee with a strategic plan that organizes their growth objectives into realistic milestones. Each month, clients meet with Lee and make adjustments to their plans where needed. In turn, clients may call upon Lee as often as necessary when confronting decisions that can potentially alter their trajectories.

The Problem

Principal Lee Morin has fielded numerous calls from artists, entertainers, and entrepreneurs, who failed to consult an attorney prior to making important career and business decisions. In some cases, that meant losing rights to creative works, or not getting paid. In other cases, a person could have gotten a better deal than the one they negotiated on their own, or received a document that could actually protect their interests instead of place them at risk. In most of these cases, the cost of going to court was beyond the means of the client. Lee seeks to prevent these situations from happening by offering a solution: All Access Plan®.

The Solution

If you are actively pursuing your dream of being an artist, entertainer, or entrepreneur, then having counsel in your corner can give you the protection you need to avoid potential pitfalls that pervade the entertainment industry. It will also give clients that competitive edge when deciding how to execute their vision. Lee Morin sees potential legal road blocks that can keep you from meeting your goals. She will also see ways that you can make your situation better. Lee delivers these benefits to you for one, low fee that is paid annually.

The Connections

In the words of her colleagues, Lee is one of the most connected attorneys in the Georgia entertainment industry. After networking in Atlanta for decades, Lee has built relationships that are naturally brought to bear for clients. One client sought to reconnect with his home of Georgia after spending years in New York. After engaging Lee, he met with many top music and music business related professionals in Atlanta. Another client from Los Angeles sought to produce a film in Georgia, and within weeks Lee connected them to resources that provided them with a robust finance package for seeking investment in their film.

The Clients

Clients who will get the most of out an All Access Plan® are driven professionals in the arts and entertainment. Entertainment industries that we serve are primarily music, film, and game development. We specialize in independent artists, productions, and studio representation. Arts industries we serve include theatre, visual arts, and graphic design. Lee represents freelance artists, writers, and theatre professionals. Whether you are in the arts or entertainment, an entrepreneur or freelancer, Lee can help you reach your goals.

Success Stories

Our clients are successfully working their All Access Plan®. One client has begun a start up company that will take advantage of the Georgia entertainment tax incentive programs in 2018. Another client has begun the process of forming a joint venture that will build upon years of hard work with another partner in the music business. Our clients appreciate the size and complexity of their dreams and know they cannot do it alone. That is why they hired Lee Morin to help them strategize and execute their plan to achieve their goals.

The Dynamics

While there are other platforms in the legal industry that promise you access to documents or to an attorney for a relatively low fee, none of these plans offers what we do: an individual with the legal skills, arts & entertainment focus, and unique network, and who can tailor a plan to your objectives. Clients pay the fee once per year and in advance. If clients require supplements, they either pay in advance or finance the balance. If you desire financing, we suggest using third party lenders. Alternatively, the firm offers financing in special cases.

The Fine Print

All Access Plan® comes in Basic, Professional, and Corporate. Basic issues unlimited privileged communications and access to our network. Professional provides the benefits of Basic, but adds 5, Pre-Paid Billable Hours. Corporate provides the benefits of Basic, but adds 12, Pre-Paid Billable Hours. Pre-Paid Billable Hours account for legal services such as custom contract review, drafting and third party negotiations, meetings, and communications. Unused hours at the end of term are rolled into the next term, if renewed or refundable upon request.

Bundled Plans

The advantage in bundling Pre-Paid Billable Hours with an All Access Plan® is the lawyer does not bill hourly for privileged communications or for access to our network because these are included in the All Access Plan®. There is a monthly library fee of $13.95 added to each All Access Plan® for research. Clients pay for expenses and government fees as clients need them. Payments made with credits cards carry a 3.5% fee while ACH transactions carry no fee.

Alternative Solutions

Some clients prefer to work on a project basis. A client may want a custom contract to retain employment, or, has a list of needs. We have a solution. Pre-Paid Billable Hours may be purchased separately from an All Access Plan® in bundles of 5 hours at $240/hour or 12 hours at $200/hour. Clients, who want to try us first for fewer than 5 hours are welcome to pay the published rate of $300/hour. However, we are certain that you will get the best value for your money using Pre-Paid Billable Hours or retaining us under an All Access Plan®.

Book a Consultation

To find how you can make the All Access Plan® work for you, we suggest that you book a consultation. Please read our New Client Procedure to understand how Lee works with new clients. Lee will want to know about you, your goals, and vision. You and she will mutually determine whether her unique skills and network can support your journey.

Book a Consultation with Principal Lee Morin

The Big Picture

Lee is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs in creative communities. She volunteers in five key trade associations: the National Association of Record Industry Professionals, where she sits on the Board of Directors, Atlanta chapter; the Georgia Music Partners; the Georgia Production Partnership; Women in Film & Television Atlanta, where she sits on the Board of Directors; and, the Georgia Game Developers Association. Lee teaches a 5-part educational seminar in partnership with ASIFA-South, Inc., called Business Basics for Creatives™. In 2016, Lee taught over 50 creative freelancers how to make a living while protecting their work.

If you work with Lee, she will invite you to become a part of her creative community. With the Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act, Postproduction Investment Act, and Georgia Musical Investment Act incentivizing investment in film, television, digital entertainment, live musical & theatrical productions, recorded music, and interactive entertainment, Georgia is a global production destination. It is upon this framework that Lee integrates her efforts. With offices located on the Atlanta BeltLine, we are an integral part of this creative community.

MORIN Entertainment Law. P.O. Box 5484. Atlanta, Georgia 31107.

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